Amine Blush and Amine Bloom

Posted by Regal Paints on October 5, 2017

Amine Blush and Amine Bloom of Epoxy Binder Systems in Protective Coatings can present a challenge. Blushing can occur when epoxy binder systems are applied under cold / humid conditions. Amine blush is a negative side effect of the normal curing reaction which can appear on the coating or flooring surface. This problem can appear in various forms; gloss reduction; grey cloudiness; a greasy / waxy layer or as white patches or crystals. In some instances it amine blush may not be immediately obvious. Unfortunately, on contact with humidity or moisture, the coated areas can show tell-tale opaque white marks. These white discolourations can appear during cure or even after the cure is completed. Although the white discolouration that appears is water soluble, it won't in reality wipe off easily with water, thinners or solvents. As a result, the only way to remove it is by dry or wet sanding after the binder has cured completely.

Amine Blush and Amine Bloom
Posted by Regal Paints

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