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We have had over 15 years experience exporting to the European, African and S.American markets. We have three main export brands – “Regal”, “Lexus” and “Five Stars”. We have the capacity to toll make for existing suppliers under their own brands or to create and design new brands for our customers.

We manufacture the following colours as standard, However we can manufacture coatings to your requirements. Please fill out the contact form below if you have a project with special requirements and a member of out team will contact you to discus the options.

  • Ref : BS 14 C 39
    Holly green / Hollybush
    Brunswick Green
  • Ref : BS 20 D 45
    Sapphire blue / Maritime / Trafalgar
    Ford Tractor Blue
  • Ref : BS 18 E 53
    Tartan blue / Cobalt blue / Regatta
    Cornflower Blue
  • Ref : BS 381 445
    Venetian red
    Red Oxide
  • Ref : BS 381C538
    Post office red / Cherry
    Post Office Red
  • Ref : BS 381C358
    Light Buff
    Caterpiller Yellow
  • Ref : BS RAL 1028
    Melon Yellow
    JCB Yellow
  • Ref : BS 08 B 29
    Bitter chocolate / Vandyke
    Chocolate Brown
  • Ref : BS 381C591
    Deep Orange
    Bright Orange
  • Ref : BS 381C 640
    Extra dark sea grey
    Slate Grey
  • Ref : BS 00 A 05
    Goose grey / Sea mist / Goosewing
    Light Grey
  • Black
  • White

Please fill in the form with your enquiry and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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