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Product description:

This product is made for very smooth / power floated floors or dirty floors.
Etch n Clean is a highly concentrated blend of non-fuming acidic compounds and cleaning agents, specifically developed to prepare concrete floors prior to applying paints and other protective coatings. Etch n Clean reacts immediately on the concrete surface, attacking any laitance and thereby opening up the surface to give the concrete a texture of fine sand paper. Fine bubbles of foam are produced during the process. Once the bubbles have ceased, etching is complete. The cleaning agents in Etch n Clean then come into play allowing any soil and fine sand disturbed by the etching process to be washed away. If the floor is then thoroughly rinsed with fresh water, there should be no need to apply a neutralising agent, but best to check that the pH is above 6 as bonding problems can occur if the surface retains traces of acid. Normally, neutralised residues can be safely flushed to the drain. The freshly cleaned, etched and dried surface allows paint and other coatings to bond tightly.

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Clean n Etch

Technical Data Sheets Below

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  • Ref : BS 14 C 39
    Holly green / Hollybush
    Brunswick Green
  • Ref : BS 20 D 45
    Sapphire blue / Maritime / Trafalgar
    Ford Tractor Blue
  • Ref : BS 18 E 53
    Tartan blue / Cobalt blue / Regatta
    Cornflower Blue
  • Ref : BS 381 445
    Venetian red
    Red Oxide
  • Ref : BS 381C538
    Post office red / Cherry
    Post Office Red
  • Ref : BS 381C358
    Light Buff
    Caterpiller Yellow
  • Ref : BS RAL 1028
    Melon Yellow
    JCB Yellow
  • Ref : BS 08 B 29
    Bitter chocolate / Vandyke
    Chocolate Brown
  • Ref : BS 381C591
    Deep Orange
    Bright Orange
  • Ref : BS 381C 640
    Extra dark sea grey
    Slate Grey
  • Ref : BS 00 A 05
    Goose grey / Sea mist / Goosewing
    Light Grey
  • Black
  • White

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Review by :gary miles (20 August 2014)



brilliant product did a great job of etching and cleaning my concrete garage floor prior to painting.

Review by :joseph Marlow (22 May 2018)