Two Pack Epoxy Floor Sealer (Under Coat)

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Product description:

Designed for application to concrete, cement and non ferrous metals. This gives an ideal base for epoxy topcoat or acts as a seal coat for bare concrete floors. Resistant to water, solvents, acids, alkalis and salts. Tough finish, and has long lasting abrasion and impact resistance. Recommended for areas receiving heavy traffic (vehicle/trucks).

Following application of the product:
Do not park vehicles or place heavy equipment on the floor for a minimum of 48 hours
Do not get the floor wet for a minimum of 7 days as this will cause bloom (discolouration)

Coverage: 5-7 m2 per litre
Touch Drying Time: 12-16 hrs
Recoat: 24 hrs
Hard Drying Time:48 hrs
Full Cure: 7 days

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Two Pack Epoxy Floor Sealer (Under Coat)
  • Ref : BS 14 C 39
    Holly green / Hollybush
    Brunswick Green
  • Ref : BS 20 D 45
    Sapphire blue / Maritime / Trafalgar
    Ford Tractor Blue
  • Ref : BS 18 E 53
    Tartan blue / Cobalt blue / Regatta
    Cornflower Blue
  • Ref : BS 381 445
    Venetian red
    Red Oxide
  • Ref : BS 381C538
    Post office red / Cherry
    Post Office Red
  • Ref : BS 381C358
    Light Buff
    Caterpiller Yellow
  • Ref : BS RAL 1028
    Melon Yellow
    JCB Yellow
  • Ref : BS 08 B 29
    Bitter chocolate / Vandyke
    Chocolate Brown
  • Ref : BS 381C591
    Deep Orange
    Bright Orange
  • Ref : BS 381C 640
    Extra dark sea grey
    Slate Grey
  • Ref : BS 00 A 05
    Goose grey / Sea mist / Goosewing
    Light Grey
  • Black
  • White

Product reviews

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The average rating for this product is



Excellent painted on dried as expected

Review by :Paul Newton (13 June 2013)



Very good product coverd concrete garage floorr very well. You will need a respirator and protective clothes and gloves when using this product

Review by :Phillip Thorn (13 June 2013)



Very good product coverd concrete garage floorr very well. You will need a respirator and protective clothes and gloves when using this product

Review by :Phillip Thorn (13 June 2013)



Excellent Product and delivery service very good

Review by :Philip OHara (13 August 2014)



Very pleased. Did the job!

Review by :T. S. & L. Winter (19 August 2014)



Have now used the product on two garage floors. Both with topcoat and the older one (>12mnths) has worn very well. Very poor handling by courier resulted in very battered tins. Good support from regal provided rapid replacement. Sealer, not unsurprisingly, does not cover as far as the topcoat so need more of the sealer.

Review by :jonathan burd (18 March 2014)



excellent product-my particular problem was that the coverage stated on the fact sheet was only 1/2 in reality but i'd ordered twice the amount so it was sorted,

Review by :RICHARD E, SMITH (19 May 2014)



Great tough paint that works perfectly under Regals top coat epoxy. I selected this and the top coat for its toughness and chemical resistance. Had to leave it for quite a few days in May to harden fully because of a thicker application with a brush, but worth it. Dries and hardens quicker in warm July weather.

Review by :Richard Dunn (09 July 2014)



Perfect. Beats hands down any cheaper diy store floor sealer. Did however months previously use a dust proofer mixed with water. Bear in mind, any rollersbrushes etc get binned at the end. 5-star.

Review by :Marcus Cartwright (19 August 2014)



A DIY job covering my 8m X 6m garage concrete floor. Managed to spread the paint ok single-handed before it went off. Shocked at first to find the colour was totally different from the subsequent topcoat. As a novice, I hadnt expected that, but of course can now see the advantage.

Review by :John Rolf (19 August 2014)



Have to say this is the best floor paint that we have ever used

Review by :Robert Patrick (20 August 2014)




Review by :gary miles (20 August 2014)



Excellent product, fast delivery, lowest price!

Review by :Bates Alarms Ltd (20 August 2014)



even where we only put the first coat it has stood up to heavy usage very well.

Review by :Rod Painter (21 August 2014)



Excellent product, good coverage and did what it said on the can

Review by :Gordon Balmer (21 August 2014)



Perfect sealer but suprised at the colour

Review by :Jim Driscoll (24 August 2014)



Used several times. Good product, easy to mix and apply

Review by :steve (21 March 2015)



I used this product a year ago on the floor of kennels. It is still there, though the top colour coat has worn in one kennel This not being a problem with the paint but a rather manic Springer as the other 5 kennels are fine. I would use this product again, allow a good three days to dry!

Review by :Nigel Reed (22 May 2018)



Really good product. Easy to use with an excelent finish even over a couple of not so smooth areas of floor. So far proving quite durable. I did however give it a week before parking on it

Review by :Roger Trotman (23 May 2018)



Brilliant, easy to apply and looks great. Many thanks

Review by :Gary Farnell (25 May 2018)



Very happy with this product. Also customer service as Matt replied to my email straight away even at the weekend to answer a question I had. Very prompt delivery. Thank you

Review by :Julia Rowe (31 October 2018)